Crazy about Social Media

22 Feb

I am the first to admit that until the launch of the Nightmare Nibbler business and website, I had NEVER gone near social media sites…yes, I had heard about them, but since I’m not a ‘gadget’, ‘tech’ or ‘computer savvy’ girl at heart, I never felt the pull – much to the annoyance of friends who kept insisting that I just *had* to join Facebook!

Well, once I did – was I ever glad!  Although Facebook seems to implement changes faster than I can keep up with them, I have found it to be an amazingly wonderful forum for connecting with friends/family on a personal level and for making new contacts and forging new relationships on a business level as well! How else could I have had requests from folks in Australia who were interested in ordering Nibblers?  Grateful for the global reach of this fabulous and FREE resource!

Twitter as well as been a great learning experience – after going through my ‘addiction’ phase I now tweet ‘responsibly’ and find it to be a fun challenge when I’m forced to dig deep to figure out how to say what I want, without exceeding the 140 character limit!

So easy to fall in to the addiction!

Well, I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with both of these sites and even with LinkedIn – recently updating my profile and figuring out the ins/outs of making the  most of this professional network…I know that I’m still far away from being a social media expert or harnessing the full potential of these tools, but I thought I was making decent progress…


I had heard rumblings about this pinboard style social photo sharing website, but didn’t investigate until recent comments from those using it compelled me to check things out. It is so pretty and engaging, it’s easy to see how it has become to popular so quickly and why the comments of  ’you’ll spend hours on it!’…were indeed founded!  However,  having gone through Facebook/Twitter ‘rehab’ for addiction, I am in a much better position now – I’m trying to allocate little chunks of time to it – trying to take baby steps and not get sucked in…so far so good – I’m having fun checking things out without being glued to the screen for hours on end – for now. Let’s see how long that will power will last!
:-) ~Susan

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