Baby Steps

2 Mar

Well, I was wondering when this historic day would come…as the Mama of a 10 year old son I knew we would have to eventually give in and have faith that everything would be ok. We’ve ‘trained’ for this moment for years…today was the day…


Ok…so it’s not a mission to the moon, but as I’m sure many parents can relate to, it’s a big deal!

Pretty much the minute Sam turned 10, which was just a couple of weeks ago, he has been after us to let him walk the 10 – 15 minute walk to school. It shouldn’t be a huge deal – both my husband and I walked to school as kids when we were his age, but for some reason the idea of it is more fraught with worry nowadays. I can be a worry wart…I am slowly but surely learning to relax and to have faith since worry doesn’t serve a purpose – but I won’t lie when I say that it can be tricky to relax where our one and only child is concerned!

Lucy Maud Montgomery, the beloved Canadian author best known for the Anne of Green Gables series of novels said,

‘It only seems as if you are doing something when you’re worrying.’

Wise words indeed.

Ironically, as I’m typing this post, the Bubble Wrap Kids program is on in the background – you know the one where the ‘World’s Worst Mom’ counsels over-protective parents and encourages them to give the kids their childhoods back – well that Mom – Lenore Skenazy – would be proud of us today.

When Sam asked again if he could walk to school this morning, we said YES! He was thrilled! Sam likes school so he’s always motivated to go, but there was a definite spring in his step as he set off on the route that we’ve walked countless times.

I swear he was strutting down the driveway and along the street! My heart filled with pride – in him for being so confident and self-assured and in us for allowing him to fly. I may be taking baby steps in lowering my anxiety levels where Sam is concerned, but at least I’m walking!

Now, we’ll see if the excitement of walking to school remains when it rains! LOL

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  1. Uncle Paulie March 2, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    Bravo Sue & Jamie! You’ve done such a beautiful job raising Sam so far, it’s so easy to be proud of him. The worrying part, well what loving, responsible parent doesn’t worry. I’m only an uncle/godparent and I worry about the kids. It’s a hard job being a parents, you two are a fine example of great parents. That is my two cents worth!

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