Hi there and welcome to the Nightmare Nibbler Nation blog!

My name is Susan…I am a Mama to Sam (my amazing son who serves as my biggest inspiration), wife to Jamie (my best friend who always has my back) and last but not least, the 2-legged Mom to Raven the family puppy who refuses to accept that she is (a) not a lap/purse dog (she’s a Doberman – Lab mix for goodness sake!) and (b) she’s not a human… oh right, I almost forgot, I also carry the title of  ‘ruler’ of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation. I’m a nice ruler – I promise!  :-)

In reality, I am the proud creator of the Nightmare Nibbler – the loveable plush toy which I originally designed to help Sam with the nightmares he was having a few years back.  Before I knew it, the character that brought such comfort to our son, soon garnered attention from others.  People loved the idea of a cuddly plush toy whose sole purpose and mission was to stay awake and on duty through the night – gobbling up all of those pesky bad dreams! Better still, this plush isn’t fussy – he eats all scary things regardless of what they are!

After much researching, tweaking, and nail biting, Norbert – the first member of the Nightmare Nibbler Nation has arrived on Earth and I have now become a ‘MoMpreneur’!

As anyone who starts their own business can attest to, it is one crazy carpet ride! This past year has seen lots of ups, a few downs but most importantly it has seen smiles brought to kids’ faces and has given me an education that I never could have envisioned! Better still, it’s ongoing!

I look forward to the future – growing the business, giving back as much as we can and doing all of this while standing on one leg and rubbing my tummy and patting my head! Ok, perhaps I won’t be doing all of *those* things, but I feel that way many times.  As with many MoMpreneurs and Moms in general, I’m performing a juggling act on a daily basis..raising a child, running a household, figuring out what to make for supper, yada yada yada…I know you know, many of you have been there or are there now!

This blog will serve as an outlet for all sorts of things…from the everyday stuff having to do with home/family and business to being able to connect with all of you wonderful members of the growing Nightmare Nibbler Nation, to keep you posted on exciting news and specials. It will allow me the chance to purge some of the everyday thoughts that can so often make my brain feel like it’s going to overflow! Yes, that’s it…this blog will serve me much the same way as the valve does on a pressure cooker!

So with all that said, I’m sliding over and I eagerly invite you to ride this roller coaster ride with me – we’re in for a thrilling ride! 

Pleasant dreams xx


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